Early detection of electrical faults

and remote energy management


הגנה ללוחות חשמל

הגנה וניטור עגורני צריח

בקרה והגנה לתאורת רחוב

העברת מידע אנלוגי/דיגיטלי מהשטח

פתרונות לטעינת רכבים בבניינים משותפים

הגנה וניטור של מערכות אל-פסק

הגנה לפסי צבירה ורטיקלים


HP 10.4

מזוודה ניידת

GES Smaryt Analyzer


Company Vision

ESP was founded with the purpose of developing and producing innovative electronic systems intended to protect complex electrical infrastructure. This concept came from the realization that the current protections are insufficient and only covers 15% of the threats. 

Electrical infrastructure is a necessity and a hazard simultaneously, endangering human life and causing environmental damage. Most of the aforementioned hazards are traceable and able to be predicted by using the ground-breaking technology of ESP, which has developed the Green Electric Shield (GES) system that utilizes both hardware & software measures to detect and avoid such dangers.

Purchasing method tailored to customer needs

Purchase of the system for a one-time fee and a monthly fee for using the software

"Leasing" - a fixed monthly / annual payment, without obligation on the part of the customer.

Professional engineering support and consulting for the electrical infrastructure by monthly / yearly.

Our founders

Moshe Cohen Gadol - CEO (inventor and founder)

Practical electrical Engineer, inventor, with 30 years of experience in the field of industrial and domestic electricity. Graduate of the Electrical Quality Course. Graduate of a radiation tester course. Owner of another electricity maintenance company since 1992, a registered contractor for electrical work in industry.

Eyal Turkel - Senior Electronics Engineer

Graduate of Electrical Engineering at Ben-Gurion University and graduate of an elite unit in the field of cyber in the Intelligence Corps. Over 20 years of experience in research and development – specializes in solving complex problems. Full-time development positions, project leadership, CTO positions, permanent consultant to startups and companies. Development and leadership in the fields of FPGA, uControllers, SQL, noSQL, Web, Cloud, Cyber Security.

Nir Shane - CTO Senior Design Engineer

A bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering (BSC) graduated in 1997. Specializations in signal processing, control and computers. 23 years of experience in developing electronic products with an emphasis on medical products.