The Technology


ESP provides systems for detecting electrical failures and strays within complex industrial-electrical infrastructure. The system’s hardware is installed inside the electrical board or next to it. The software is installed on an internal computer or a distant computer cloud.


The choice between the two is dependent on the clients’ cyber preferences.


For example our flagship product GES System consists of two key complementary components of hardware (controllers) that measure and record voltage and current data on electricity panels at a frequency of (f 27khz) in accordance with system requirements. The hardware works in tandem with dedicated software that receives transmissions of data via communication cables to a remote computer 


The GES system performs many tasks ranging from the measurement of voltage, current, frequency, power factor and energy. Moreover, GES is a unique system that is able to execute ‘Predictive Maintenance’, which contributes to determining the state of the equipment in order to predict the maintenance date that will eliminate future damage.  At the same time, the system performs harmonic analysis and executes data recording tasks, structure control, storage of electrical plans, automatic generator tests, and more.